My lips mouthed words of love

Guilt and shame washed over me

I imagined your face and

It wore a cruel smirk

You wondered why I would imagine such

I wondered too


Did I ascribe a face to what I

Thought of myself?

Was I a coward who would

Rather be scorned by you than

By myself?

Should I be sorry? Or should I be thickskinned?

Should I move on or should I stay put?

About Runa

With words you can reveal, hide, confuse, clarify, rule, beg, love, hate. In speech words live momentarily and die with the moment. In writing, they are immortalised and in being unspoken and unwritten, they become omnipotent: God like. My words here could have remained unspoken. Could have. They're immortal and that's enough. View all posts by Runa

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