A published writer now :)


The above link is to my short story, titled ‘Skylight’, published a few days ago in Helter Skelter’s third volume of New Writing. This volume, unlike the previous two, is based on the theme ‘Strange Love’. Though this is the sixth short story I have written, it is my very first published story! I’d be thrilled to hear any feedback on the story from all you people who have been following my blog…

Btw, the illustration is by Pooja Satish, an aspiring artist from Bangalore! Though we’ve never met, she’s condensed my story into the perfect sketch! So, here’s me thanking Pooja too πŸ™‚


About Runa

With words you can reveal, hide, confuse, clarify, rule, beg, love, hate. In speech words live momentarily and die with the moment. In writing, they are immortalised and in being unspoken and unwritten, they become omnipotent: God like. My words here could have remained unspoken. Could have. They're immortal and that's enough. View all posts by Runa

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