I’ve wanted to be a reporter…

I’ve wanted to change the world

I’ve wanted to make movies

I’ve wanted to write books

I’ve wanted to be on tv

I’ve wanted to be in the UN

I’ve wanted a lot o things

But in here, I wanted to write poetry

So here I am.

14 responses to “Me

  • Lafemmeroar

    I love it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for subscribing 🙂

  • imon

    Hy buddy. How are you? You are very creative. You create your own Header image. It is awesome. Go on buddy.

  • Runa

    Thanks and welcome to my blog Imon!

  • annetbell

    Thanks for following my blog. I will enjoy reading your creative and enjoyable poetry! Namaste. . . .Anne

    • Runa

      Thank you Anne…I’m still lingering around on your blog and I’m surprised by the amount of research you’ve put into each of your posts! I’ve no idea how you landed up on my blog, but Im glad you did 🙂

      And btw, where in the U.S. do you live presently? I might be moving to your country hopefully by the end of this year and it’d be great to meet up if we can! 🙂


      • annetbell

        LOL! I am a retired teacher who still feels the need to teach so I try to include something educational in my posts. Anyway, I don’t feel what I just have to say is very interesting! We live in Upstate New York about 2 hours to the city and 2 hours to Boston….great to be able to visit those two wonderful cities whenever we wish. Where do you live now and what brings you to the US? Namaste. . .. Anne

      • Runa

        I figured you are a teacher from some of the comments on your about page…and your students seem to like/ love you 🙂 And it’s refreshing to find people who think their opinions ALONE don’t matter!

        Im in India at the moment and I’m looking to pursue my masters in the US next year…:)

      • annetbell

        Where in India? I am just wondering if we traveled to where you live. I love incredible India! Namaste . . . Anne

        At the moment , I am I am writing about Indian CNN Heroes who make a difference. Catch it later! 😎

      • Runa

        I live in Tamil Nadu…I read you came down to Kerala…did you go around Tamil Nadu as well?
        And are you writing about the show titled India Positive?

      • annetbell

        I don’t know if that was t he name of the show. I thought there were just segments now and then. We did go to Tavil Nadu….all over for the beautiful temples. My husband and the students are architects! I will try to spell these places that he just mentioned…ouch…
        Flew to Chenni …loved Pondicherry… I have a post on it. Cheeni was clean and very nice city.
        Malaborium, Chitabarum, Tanjavor, Srirangam, Maderi , Shrivaputi. Sorry, I have no idea how to spell these.

        What are you studying? Where are you applying for school?

        I adored those wonderful temples. I felt like I had stepped into some ancient Old Testament temples…amazing

  • Runa

    Okay my turn to LOL 😀
    But I’m also going to spell the names out correctly for you:
    Pondicherry (you got that right 🙂

    And you’re right…these places are all steeped in so much history and tradition…and even today many of these temples sustain ancient practices and methods of manufacturing that were handed down the generations in some very select communities…

    As for what I’d be studying, I’m planning to do my MA in Journalism…

  • bookoddsnends

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoy your writing!

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