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Why then?

Years after we became strangers 

I am riddled with thoughts 

Of a melded past

Of the reams of memories 

So unsatisfying 

Of those lost moments 

Just out of grasp

Tell me, 

Why must life be irreversible? 

Why must we always move forward?

And why then can’t we ever forget?

Loving the memory

A trickster, my mind

It shows me not what 

I want to see; but what it

Chooses to remember

Completely out of control

I am at the mercy 

Of its cruelty

Intent on piling 

New memories atop

Old, cherished ones…

Under the choking weight 

Of all things new,

The old are dying a slow

Death; and their demise

Fails to move me

From the depths 

They have fallen into…

Today, I know most of them

Have escaped into the Universe

Where they float, free from all

That binding weight;

Free from being called upon

By someone who was

Reduced to loving them

Instead of the person

With whom she made them.


Words crowd the inside

Of my mouth

Unspoken and chained 

To my throat,

They jostle for space;

For expression.

Yet, my mouth remains

Sealed; the wax of

Solitude pursing

My lips together…

In this climate of silence

My ears fill with 

Painfully loud words

I wish I could release

Into this world…

But, no moment seems

The right moment

No person holds

The right key

And no monologue

Begs to turn into

A dialogue.

R.I.P. Robin Williams :(

What does it mean

When a clown dies

Out of sadness?

That there is nothing

Truly funny in life?

That what you give 

Isn’t always what you take?

That nobody really 

Knew you for you?

That you were just

A shadow pinned to

The ground by an

Intangible grief?

That yours was a

Disguise we completely

Believed in?

That you lived in

The blur between the

Joyful and the joyless?

The broken bulb

In a world of glowering tungsten
The lone, broken bulb
Couldn’t remember
Who broke it…

Everything was a brightness
A sheen so pervasive
Hiding crimes
And fails
With twinkles

Not even shadows
Could be dark here
And the broken bulb stood
Useless; faceless,
Like riches among the

Move on

The Sun let its rays go

The Sea left its surf behind

The Wind moved beyond all that it moved

The Earth forgot all that it held

And the Fire erased the entire story


The Universe was built

On the loss of all that was loved

And the apocalypse will begin

When the Universe forgets

Such pain and

Decides to move on.

Face my farce

Battles between you and me

Are the ones I lost

Even before they begun

But I entered the field anyway

And my pride always held my head

My voice rang with determination

Singing in my veins

And I threatened you with

Consequences dire

My words eloquent, I screamed

Like a right wronged

Like a bird caged

Like a life wasted


And in such contrived strength

Is my power

I put up my act for me to judge

For me to be convinced; and finally

To believe

And once I have believed this farce

You never stood a chance

You might as well pack your knives