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The broken bulb

In a world of glowering tungsten
The lone, broken bulb
Couldn’t remember
Who broke it…

Everything was a brightness
A sheen so pervasive
Hiding crimes
And fails
With twinkles

Not even shadows
Could be dark here
And the broken bulb stood
Useless; faceless,
Like riches among the


A face that’s long and lean
And speckled with
A fresh stubble

Eyes and cheeks gaunt
Like the craters on a
Lonely planet

The long torso, bottomed
By an endless length
Of muscle drawn taut

The inscrutably deep mind
With words that were
Never said

Allow me the lowering
Of those blinkers
And let me be seen

I’d like to come closer
And know for sure
You are no illusion

The cliff

I still walk alone
But now there’s a shadow
Beside mine
I think it’s you, but
There’s no need to
Turn around

I’ve reached a cliff
With a final decision
To make:
To take a step forward
And feel the air
Compress my existence

To sit down at
The very edge and see
The world for both
Of us;
Live my life knowing
Your shadow
Is a delusional burden
I carry willingly

A Jasmine death

A canvas in blue chiffon,
My saree bore marks
In the ink blue
Of ancient hands; the
Aquamarine of the Arabian Sea;
And, the cerulean of
High skies.

Blackly shimmering, my hair
Conflicted the pasty pale
Of the jasmine strand
I coiled through, without pins
Like my mother,
Incensing the air with
A woman’s promise

Around the now empty house
I lit wicks buried in fragrant wax
And doused tungsten within glass.
I refused the comfort of
Moving air, and let the sweat
And jasmine commingle
Like chaos before peace

But you let the Sun out;
Helped it find a way around
The dark ropes of night
I bound it with…
The half moon I used to
Pin it down, lay forgotten
Behind bottomless clouds.

My Wilting jasmine wailed,
‘You hadn’t come, then’
The wicks lay wasted
Smoking like pyres
Where each fantasy
Burnt unrealised.

In this polluted silence,
I stood blue like death.


Oh simple things…

Where have you gone? 

Morning blues, washed out

By lunch

Sky in dark, dressed up

For a night that’s



Little words, bigger worlds

Hands in a hold

And lives in many folds

Steps going forwards

Or, backwards

Those who owned their sleep

Could never care


Pleasures taken for granted

Love never missed

Good times that seem ordinary

Bad things that happen

To others

Lies in place of promises

And no one that hurt

Too much


Oh simple things…

Come back will you?

I’ve learnt my lessons

I’ve burst all my balloons

Lonely’s getting ordinary

Tracks aren’t that obvious

Words seem to demand meaning

Deeds remain unheeded

And I don’t know how

I wandered into



Take me back, to where you are

Oh simple things,

And I’ve missed you how

Come back for me,

Make me simple again


Keep me close

Show not…

Show not your fall from
The rigours of your conveyor belt life
Hang on with your pinky finger
Nevermind the rest of your
Precarious perch.


The keys clattered away

While I put my ears to the bolted door.

In moments I’d possess a secret.