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Oh simple things…

Where have you gone? 

Morning blues, washed out

By lunch

Sky in dark, dressed up

For a night that’s



Little words, bigger worlds

Hands in a hold

And lives in many folds

Steps going forwards

Or, backwards

Those who owned their sleep

Could never care


Pleasures taken for granted

Love never missed

Good times that seem ordinary

Bad things that happen

To others

Lies in place of promises

And no one that hurt

Too much


Oh simple things…

Come back will you?

I’ve learnt my lessons

I’ve burst all my balloons

Lonely’s getting ordinary

Tracks aren’t that obvious

Words seem to demand meaning

Deeds remain unheeded

And I don’t know how

I wandered into



Take me back, to where you are

Oh simple things,

And I’ve missed you how

Come back for me,

Make me simple again


Keep me close

Undecided end

It was a bad dream.
Disrupted stasis,
A whirlwind tousling hair;
And underneath a neon glare
She cast shadows around.
Yet they weren’t hers…

Then, the nooses slithered unto her,
Tying knots so intimate.
She prayed for power;
For deliverance.
And heeded, her prayers bestowed
Gargantuan scissors
In place of her feeble hands.

They ate away at the folds
Each knot followed,
Famishing her; satiating the
Hands so giant.
Lighter than ever, she felt
Lesser knots tying her down
To this earthly presence
Of undecided end.

To the remaining knots
She screamed,
‘You shall be undone too…
I shall taste freedom,
I shall die’