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Do you exist?

Are there days in your calendar

That are empty?

Are there thoughts so loud in your head

That refuse to let you sleep?

Are there lists with little check-boxes

That taunt you?

Are there hours and days and years

That were swallowed anonymously?

Are there others with lives and dreams and achievements

That make yours seem small?

Are there any traces of the child and the teenager

That you once were?

Are there ways to change the heart

That won’t wound you and bleed you to death?

Are there words within you, deep within you

That have forgotten how to be born through your hand?


Are you there anymore?

Do you exist?

Another slave

I caught the foot he raised in abuse

And quoted Shelley: Can man be free,

If the woman be a slave?

I told him he was the subversion of

My slavery.

The child born to his mother,

Another slave.

And the child of another mother,

Another slave.