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Marrying Midas

How can I explain my 

Growing fancy for everything


A golden bangle on my wrist

A golden twinkle on my neck

A golden star for the night skies

A golden life breathed into

All things I see…

I married a medieval Midas

So rapt to belong

To this sparkling land!


And then they dawned upon me

My two choices:

To be touched;

Or not.

Seven lives

I promised to pay all my dues

In my seventh life

And now that I am living

A seventh time,

I find my head empty of

A past promise


Each dawn brings a new day;

A free gift of misery

Sent with a celestial receipt

That I must sign

In my ancestral blood


My bloodied signature fades

As I move my hand

Nobody has to know, says the Sun

My woe messenger

Whose rays penetrate everything


This way I bid farewell

To my six other pasts

But I had not a clue

And stood fearing the dawn

Even on the day I died

One last time