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If you

Scents too could tell you 

Stories, if you’d breathe 

Deep enough…

The winds could tell you

About the flowers it kissed

If you’d listen hard enough

Lightened hearts could float

Beyond the prosaic

And view magic

Inside clouds

If you’d dream long enough…

A confusion of fragrance

You infiltrate the air around us

With a smell so beautiful

It wanders a little ahead of you

To let us know

You’re here


You leave behind in breaths

A confusion of fragrance;

A mix of cardamom and incense;

A mingling of sacred ash and turmeric;

The death of neem flowers burnt;

The birth of ripening mangoes;

The burst from rain hitting scorched earth;

The mystery of the thaazham flower;

And the magic of roasted spices ground to bits…


What are you,

That so many things smell like you;

Of you?




Undecided end

It was a bad dream.
Disrupted stasis,
A whirlwind tousling hair;
And underneath a neon glare
She cast shadows around.
Yet they weren’t hers…

Then, the nooses slithered unto her,
Tying knots so intimate.
She prayed for power;
For deliverance.
And heeded, her prayers bestowed
Gargantuan scissors
In place of her feeble hands.

They ate away at the folds
Each knot followed,
Famishing her; satiating the
Hands so giant.
Lighter than ever, she felt
Lesser knots tying her down
To this earthly presence
Of undecided end.

To the remaining knots
She screamed,
‘You shall be undone too…
I shall taste freedom,
I shall die’