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Here, in this landlocked terrain
The winds are vicious dragons
Howling in revenge and,
Shoving clouds across the Sun

Trees succumb; doors rattle
Every inch will soon be covered
In a dust, ancient and immortal

Nothing will wash away

And nothing will remain wet
People will be blown away
Cattle would starve for fear of roaming
With the winds

Stones and rocks will fly
Until the mountain is
Erased of its monument

Life will beg for mercy
A little still
A little quiet

Undecided end

It was a bad dream.
Disrupted stasis,
A whirlwind tousling hair;
And underneath a neon glare
She cast shadows around.
Yet they weren’t hers…

Then, the nooses slithered unto her,
Tying knots so intimate.
She prayed for power;
For deliverance.
And heeded, her prayers bestowed
Gargantuan scissors
In place of her feeble hands.

They ate away at the folds
Each knot followed,
Famishing her; satiating the
Hands so giant.
Lighter than ever, she felt
Lesser knots tying her down
To this earthly presence
Of undecided end.

To the remaining knots
She screamed,
‘You shall be undone too…
I shall taste freedom,
I shall die’

Dreamed stories

They rose off the page in a confused flight of imagination.

They swam mid-air, mingled their mind pictures

And gave me dreams of such colour and chaos:)

Late at night

Past midnight, the roads are a lonely lot

Streetlight sentries patrolling every inch with

Their orange search lights,

While villainous darkness curtains itself.


Like this they lie, side by side

In a game of hide and seek

Frozen on the face of the road

A carpet striped in concrete black and sodium glow.


The rare motorist flies by the façade,

Wind and fear rushing along on the sides

Propelled by a bravado

That is hours away, getting dressed

In sunshine.