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The happy will never know

There is purpose in being morose

It’s not as shallow as it’s made out to be.

The ones who see no point in melancholy

Are the most deluded of us all.

Failures in seeing beyond the hunky-dory

They try to heap the blame on

Doorsteps drenched in salt.

Those anchored by pain will hold ground

Sweep the world under their lashes

And wash it clean within their closed eyes.

It’s an intimacy with the universe

The happy will never know.





Let me remember how to live

Before the end of tonight

Let me be what I can never be

In a crowd

Let me see new, hear new and feel new

My home, the silence and the peace

Let my heart stay young

And beat its most

Tonight I shall want to make discoveries

Tonight I shall want to take memories

Tonight I shall want to

Tell myself, “I love you…”

Two years old and watching cricket :)

He screamed when we all did

His hands went up in air

To mark the moment

He ran around in circles

Joyous, his face…

Replay done, the next ball bowled

And he wondered why we had screamed.

Why we were happy…