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I look down at the milling crowd

I see you, that tiny black dot

Standing six feet above ground

Yet, several feet below me.

As you will always be.

A tumour grows today,

In the place where you grew…

There will be more blood,

Than which I fed you…

Will your hands,

Fully formed today

Wipe the stain away?


No, you sentenced me to be carried away

Through the gutter’s length

In the backyard of my daughter’s house.

You stole from me, my right to leave

In a palanquin, through the front door,

Of your house, my wretched Son!

You are the tumour that,

I bred with so much pride.

You were my Son.

And I am your Mother.


How I long to be away from you

Away from your smothering silence

To never see that face that hides

Every emotion I feel, and you deny to feel

I will give you nothing, when I recieve

Only that much. I will withold from you

My sunny smile and shower you

Your own brand of silent foolhardiness

For, if you can,

I can.