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Two worlds

Driven by desire

We dream like children

We blow tiny bubbles of hope around us

And we console ourselves when

Each flimsy bubble breathes its last.


The air full of toxic gas is what we shall inhale

There shall be no retribution for their deeds

We shall wither away under the glow of their prosperity

They shall mock us through the happiness of a drunken haze


There are two worlds at one place

And no sturdy bridges between

Men who tread them are full of hope.

And in our world,

Hope reads shit.

Crying for the tear drop nation

Fingers jabbed at air so rife

Fighting for space in

The tiny holes of an iron gate

Closed like a fist full of secrets.


Unseen faces and voices unheard

Drowned in their collective plea

For nothing more than a witness

To their deaths,

Having already forgotten how to

Hope for a rescue


In this teardrop nation,

Society was an innocence

That was first stranded, shelled and raped next

And finally shot, when nothing covered

Their naked souls.