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Statue of Liberty

The sky has turned
Red with sunrise
Blue with sunshine
Grey with clouds
And purple with sunset
I saw the Sun moving
Between my temples
I know the clock hands
Have toiled their way
Through the seconds
I see the World going by
Yet, I remain immovable
Set in stone,
I am the Statue of Liberty.

Alone in the past

It’s like going back in time

To the places you’ve been before

But this time they are bereft of people

Empty of action

Silent in words

And there I see the ghosts of our past

Walking down the cobbled alleys

I see them smiling, fighting, eating, drinking

Just walking….walking

It’s a yellow town

And a white lie

It’s a rocky coast

And a sea with salt from my eyes

It was the shortest of lives

And the deepest of all



To this place I will return

Without choice or effort

It’s here that I saw beyond myself

And fell into the abyss that you seem now


I might have clambered up the slippery walls

Into what the world believes is real. Practical.


My soul wanders the yellow town

Alone in the past.

I have…

I have your number and a phone without numbers to dial

I have your picture and an empty album

I have your voice and ears without their facility

I have your clothes and a body that fails to hold them

I have your breath and some skin that lies dead

I have your flowers and some stalks with prickly thorns

I have some tears and eyeballs that have dried up

I have more of my love and no more of your demands

I have myself and the knowing that you aren’t mine anymore




Having to live

Why can’t I decide I’ve seen enough

Of life, never mind I’m just a laughable 23?

What ought to be looked forward to, but

The gradual happening of life…the movie

You wished would end, the pages you wished would

Run out?

The sadism behind every living moment

When I submit to its whims: cry when Life deems fit

And laugh in between for comic relief;

Bear children who are unlikely to see me as anything

But their Indian brown version of the ‘White man’s burden’;

Share “moments” with another, who is set for

An all too similar fate.

And if Death were to favour him over me,

For all my desperate longing

What should I do? Or rather, what can I do?

I’d join the billions, wandering through

An accumulated loneliness,

That was once fervently hoped

To be never gathered.

But like dust, it has gathered over my memories

I would think after all those years

When I try to count using my fingers

The way I must have

Once upon a time.


While I searched for the right words

You decided I had nothing to say

I’ve found them today

By accident

Should I begin my search

For you now?


Crying for the tear drop nation

Fingers jabbed at air so rife

Fighting for space in

The tiny holes of an iron gate

Closed like a fist full of secrets.


Unseen faces and voices unheard

Drowned in their collective plea

For nothing more than a witness

To their deaths,

Having already forgotten how to

Hope for a rescue


In this teardrop nation,

Society was an innocence

That was first stranded, shelled and raped next

And finally shot, when nothing covered

Their naked souls.




Born exactly ninety days after you,

I am as old as you might be in a decade.



Life on a vertical plane

Scrolled through endlessly

Stopping now and then

To click on something,

Only to be closed moments later.

Signed in and signed out

All in a hurry.