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Why then?

Years after we became strangers 

I am riddled with thoughts 

Of a melded past

Of the reams of memories 

So unsatisfying 

Of those lost moments 

Just out of grasp

Tell me, 

Why must life be irreversible? 

Why must we always move forward?

And why then can’t we ever forget?


With(out) You

Everyday I come home
I forget your absence
I open the door
To an empty shell
Which reminds me of
Your presence

There are no hugs
And deep sighs
The couch is cold
Without you on it
Smiling your
Come to me smile

My words are meaningless
For they aren’t answering
Your endless questions;
My jokes are bereft of
Your scandalized chiding
And my walls are silent
Without your echoing laughter

My city of a decade
Seems alien without you
The roads are barren
With snow and without you
Even the river isn’t flowing
Without your love

Within a year you’ve become
So much more to me
The magic of my days
The reason behind my work
The answer to my prayers
The life in my life
And in these days away
From you
I am but a memory of
You and me

Birthday Blues

A quarter century ago
I came to this world
Crying and kicking
Maybe it was wisdom
Maybe it was warning
That with every anniversary
The World will love you
A little less
That with every year gone
Life will slip away
A little more
But still, it is a milestone
And I mark mine
With my words.

Who can?

Even I can’t
Stop myself from
Seeing you
In my dreams…
How can this world?

A published writer now :)


The above link is to my short story, titled ‘Skylight’, published a few days ago in Helter Skelter’s third volume of New Writing. This volume, unlike the previous two, is based on the theme ‘Strange Love’. Though this is the sixth short story I have written, it is my very first published story! I’d be thrilled to hear any feedback on the story from all you people who have been following my blog…

Btw, the illustration is by Pooja Satish, an aspiring artist from Bangalore! Though we’ve never met, she’s condensed my story into the perfect sketch! So, here’s me thanking Pooja too 🙂



What good is an open book?

The cat out of the bag?

The un-clenched fist;

The revealed secret…

Divulged, truth dies

A hasty death…

Often with no meaning

And always without love.


Eyes that saw me…
The moments that you saw me
Would they resurrect
If I begged?
Like the unexpected boon?