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Lone Wolves

Man is no social animal.

It is a myth perpetuated 

By the weak among Men.

Man was made to be lonely.

Alone in wombs and graves;

And the most solitary 

In the years between.

Society is a farce.

Like the shadow that

Surfaces only when everything’s 

Bright and sunny.

We are all lone wolves.

Truly alone, and 

Infinitely vulnerable.


A face that’s long and lean
And speckled with
A fresh stubble

Eyes and cheeks gaunt
Like the craters on a
Lonely planet

The long torso, bottomed
By an endless length
Of muscle drawn taut

The inscrutably deep mind
With words that were
Never said

Allow me the lowering
Of those blinkers
And let me be seen

I’d like to come closer
And know for sure
You are no illusion