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For the first time I understand

That which keeps awake

The insomniac


A punishing mind that

Denies respite to eyes that 

Continue to see beyond closure


An endless ream of memories

Tainted with guilt and humiliation;

Voices that are audible  across the years


As I wait these nights for sweet sleep

I feel the pain of the sleepless

The anxiety of the zombies


Ice gone dry

A bag full of words were never enough

To fill the lines of my notebook

I need to know the secrets of stifled laughter

The tears that flee at the brush of a hand

The voices that ring with fervour

And the anger that burnt an entire city bare


These words I have lack in flesh and blood

I’d like to discard them, but 

Not even the vultures will seek them

I need a device to pump life into them

To drill their reluctant innards 

To scoop their filth and fill them with 

An overflowing light.

Light that is smoky like ice gone dry

So cold, that they burn a hole 

Through the minds that read them.


Insulted, my memories left my mind
Hurt, they left like heads of men
Hung in shame…like the silence
Of distant evenings
Their only revenge being my ignorance
And solitude…
I search with conviction for moments
I believe unforgettable;
I write down words in paranoidal faith
I remember, while not knowing, what
My mind chose to betray me.