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Another slave

I caught the foot he raised in abuse

And quoted Shelley: Can man be free,

If the woman be a slave?

I told him he was the subversion of

My slavery.

The child born to his mother,

Another slave.

And the child of another mother,

Another slave.

I died

I lay prone on my  easy chair waiting
To count your approaching steps

On your twenty first step,
You asked me how my day’d been
And you shut the door even before I could
Breathe my last…

I called to you with my rotting stench
I even bribed the bacteria with a little
More of me- to tell you I had died
While you hid from me behind
Vacant eyes and troubled soul.

A tumour grows today,

In the place where you grew…

There will be more blood,

Than which I fed you…

Will your hands,

Fully formed today

Wipe the stain away?


No, you sentenced me to be carried away

Through the gutter’s length

In the backyard of my daughter’s house.

You stole from me, my right to leave

In a palanquin, through the front door,

Of your house, my wretched Son!

You are the tumour that,

I bred with so much pride.

You were my Son.

And I am your Mother.