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It was a moment of surprise

When I darted to the basin

With a circle for a mirror

And caught there

The most beautiful

Of my own reflections


Caressed by the afternoon light

Filtering in through the

Porous curtains

My face assumed an elegance

That made me halt and

Acknowledge it


Not very often am I gifted

Such moments of radiance

And I stood enamoured

Pride creeping through my lips

I watched myself

As I would watch

The declared beauties

Of this world


It’s special for it showed me

Who I am

And how I should be

Seeing myself

I am beautiful

And maybe I’ve always

Known it

But today,

I shed the modesty

And embraced



Let me remember how to live

Before the end of tonight

Let me be what I can never be

In a crowd

Let me see new, hear new and feel new

My home, the silence and the peace

Let my heart stay young

And beat its most

Tonight I shall want to make discoveries

Tonight I shall want to take memories

Tonight I shall want to

Tell myself, “I love you…”