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It was a game, wasn’t it?

He turned around to see if she was still upset

He knew he had hurt her somehow…

But he thought it was a game…wasn’t it?

He tried catching her attention but in vain…

He didn’t know what had gone wrong

He went closer, bent his head to look

At her from beneath

And a drop of something cold hit him

He wondered if it was the same thing that

Came out of his eye when he cried

Looked like it, for it matched those coming

Out now, from his eyes…

He pushed at her with his little finger…

He hoped he could look sorry enough

When those beautiful eyes of his mother

Looked into his tiny wide ones….


He was still looking at her

She could see it from the corner of her eye

She pinched the palm that held hers

And he slowly looked away

He tried his luck once more

Turned to see that lovely face

Felt the burn in his hand

And the pinch in his heart

For she had died

And left him only the pain

To remind him of a time

When he thought

All was well…