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The clock on
Incongruous limbs
Hands out each day
As retribution

Punitive and molten
The hours inhume
Earthly misery
So close to the surface…

Like blood that
Runs just beneath
Skin: Hidden
But barely,

Until the nights arrive
With their arsenal,
Banishing birds and
Light from skies.

Late at night

Past midnight, the roads are a lonely lot

Streetlight sentries patrolling every inch with

Their orange search lights,

While villainous darkness curtains itself.


Like this they lie, side by side

In a game of hide and seek

Frozen on the face of the road

A carpet striped in concrete black and sodium glow.


The rare motorist flies by the façade,

Wind and fear rushing along on the sides

Propelled by a bravado

That is hours away, getting dressed

In sunshine.