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Why then?

Years after we became strangers 

I am riddled with thoughts 

Of a melded past

Of the reams of memories 

So unsatisfying 

Of those lost moments 

Just out of grasp

Tell me, 

Why must life be irreversible? 

Why must we always move forward?

And why then can’t we ever forget?


You were never here to bathe in my lust

You were never here to see me shed my fears

You were never here to hear me sing

You were never here to tell me I should move on


We were always swallowed by a distance

Always away even in the same room…

Alone in the past

It’s like going back in time

To the places you’ve been before

But this time they are bereft of people

Empty of action

Silent in words

And there I see the ghosts of our past

Walking down the cobbled alleys

I see them smiling, fighting, eating, drinking

Just walking….walking

It’s a yellow town

And a white lie

It’s a rocky coast

And a sea with salt from my eyes

It was the shortest of lives

And the deepest of all



To this place I will return

Without choice or effort

It’s here that I saw beyond myself

And fell into the abyss that you seem now


I might have clambered up the slippery walls

Into what the world believes is real. Practical.


My soul wanders the yellow town

Alone in the past.

I have…

I have your number and a phone without numbers to dial

I have your picture and an empty album

I have your voice and ears without their facility

I have your clothes and a body that fails to hold them

I have your breath and some skin that lies dead

I have your flowers and some stalks with prickly thorns

I have some tears and eyeballs that have dried up

I have more of my love and no more of your demands

I have myself and the knowing that you aren’t mine anymore





I look down at the milling crowd

I see you, that tiny black dot

Standing six feet above ground

Yet, several feet below me.

As you will always be.

Past, the prostitute

Her breath smelling of trouble

She worded words of allure

Timed to fall in step beside you

And your mind in probe.


Lashes dainty in invite,

Her eyes widen

With the promise of secrets.


Selling her ware she jeers,

“Just venture…you won’t regret”


And regret you do

when you made trouble

Not love.


You the Present ought not

To have copulated

With Past, the prostitute.