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Help me choose?

Hello everybody,

This is probably the first time I’ve reached out to every person that decided my writing was worth following…You guys make me want to keep writing…

I’ve come across a poetry contest (http://helterskelter.in/2013/08/the-fifth-srinivas-rayaprol-poetry-prize-call-for-entries/) and am thinking about sending in my poems. While I could write something fresh, I thought it might be great if something I’ve written here could find bigger audience…So I’ve shortlisted a few of my poems below and I was hoping you, my followers, could help me choose the best three among the lot to submitted!

Here are the links:








Looking forward to hear from everyone! 

-Auto Incorrect

First poem I felt compelled to memorise

Stasis in darkness.
Then the substanceless blue
Pour of tor and distances.

God’s lioness,
How one we grow,
Pivot of heels and knees!– The furrow

Spilts and passes, sister to
The brown arc
Of the neck I cannot catch,

Berries cast dark

Black sweet blood mouthfuls,
Something else

Hauls me through air—-
Thighs, hair;
Flakes from my heels

Godiva, I unpeel—-
Dead hands, dead stringencies.

And now I
Foam to wheat, a glitter of seas.
The child’s cry

Melts into the wall.
And I
Am the arrow;

The dew that flies,
Suicidal, at one with the drive
Into the red

Eye, the cauldron of morning.

Ariel by Sylvia Plath