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Lone Wolves

Man is no social animal.

It is a myth perpetuated 

By the weak among Men.

Man was made to be lonely.

Alone in wombs and graves;

And the most solitary 

In the years between.

Society is a farce.

Like the shadow that

Surfaces only when everything’s 

Bright and sunny.

We are all lone wolves.

Truly alone, and 

Infinitely vulnerable.

The broken bulb

In a world of glowering tungsten
The lone, broken bulb
Couldn’t remember
Who broke it…

Everything was a brightness
A sheen so pervasive
Hiding crimes
And fails
With twinkles

Not even shadows
Could be dark here
And the broken bulb stood
Useless; faceless,
Like riches among the

The cliff

I still walk alone
But now there’s a shadow
Beside mine
I think it’s you, but
There’s no need to
Turn around

I’ve reached a cliff
With a final decision
To make:
To take a step forward
And feel the air
Compress my existence

To sit down at
The very edge and see
The world for both
Of us;
Live my life knowing
Your shadow
Is a delusional burden
I carry willingly