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Statue of Liberty

The sky has turned
Red with sunrise
Blue with sunshine
Grey with clouds
And purple with sunset
I saw the Sun moving
Between my temples
I know the clock hands
Have toiled their way
Through the seconds
I see the World going by
Yet, I remain immovable
Set in stone,
I am the Statue of Liberty.


Here, in this landlocked terrain
The winds are vicious dragons
Howling in revenge and,
Shoving clouds across the Sun

Trees succumb; doors rattle
Every inch will soon be covered
In a dust, ancient and immortal

Nothing will wash away

And nothing will remain wet
People will be blown away
Cattle would starve for fear of roaming
With the winds

Stones and rocks will fly
Until the mountain is
Erased of its monument

Life will beg for mercy
A little still
A little quiet

Move on

The Sun let its rays go

The Sea left its surf behind

The Wind moved beyond all that it moved

The Earth forgot all that it held

And the Fire erased the entire story


The Universe was built

On the loss of all that was loved

And the apocalypse will begin

When the Universe forgets

Such pain and

Decides to move on.


The clock on
Incongruous limbs
Hands out each day
As retribution

Punitive and molten
The hours inhume
Earthly misery
So close to the surface…

Like blood that
Runs just beneath
Skin: Hidden
But barely,

Until the nights arrive
With their arsenal,
Banishing birds and
Light from skies.

Seven lives

I promised to pay all my dues

In my seventh life

And now that I am living

A seventh time,

I find my head empty of

A past promise


Each dawn brings a new day;

A free gift of misery

Sent with a celestial receipt

That I must sign

In my ancestral blood


My bloodied signature fades

As I move my hand

Nobody has to know, says the Sun

My woe messenger

Whose rays penetrate everything


This way I bid farewell

To my six other pasts

But I had not a clue

And stood fearing the dawn

Even on the day I died

One last time

Another Journey Upwards

Silently recruited, they vaporously climbed the higher skies

Coldly companionable, they traveled unknown miles…

Condensed within, fluffy light on the outside

They discarded form after form, holding what was beheld from beneath

When there was enough of them, brought together by mysterious propulsion,

They darkened to black depths that promised delivery.


They had reached their zenith, they need wait no longer

Cold and shuddering together, they made flashes of brilliant light

And sounds of a deafening thunder

While their shadow spread their ground, they began their assault

One by one, before the exodus downwards began.


Begun now, they flowed in single files of parallel verticals

And ran the ground in horizontals, merging to form rivulets

Merging to form rivers

Merging to form seas

Merging towards another journey upwards.