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I look down at the milling crowd

I see you, that tiny black dot

Standing six feet above ground

Yet, several feet below me.

As you will always be.


The next trial will find newer people

And burn the archaic for

The sin of familiarity

The new will anhilate the pain

The wasted have gifted me…

Remains of a future

Broken in a glass.

Giving back to you

I will wait with pretended nonchalance

Forthe opportunity

To give back what you gave me.

In your own words.

The stage will rearrange- the tables will turn.

I will be you. And you, me.

Withheld in my words, are the silent prayer

That you will utter them. For me. From you.

The time to pretend today, began yesterday

And will end in the morrow- you and I

Will never live to see.