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If you

Scents too could tell you 

Stories, if you’d breathe 

Deep enough…

The winds could tell you

About the flowers it kissed

If you’d listen hard enough

Lightened hearts could float

Beyond the prosaic

And view magic

Inside clouds

If you’d dream long enough…


Here, in this landlocked terrain
The winds are vicious dragons
Howling in revenge and,
Shoving clouds across the Sun

Trees succumb; doors rattle
Every inch will soon be covered
In a dust, ancient and immortal

Nothing will wash away

And nothing will remain wet
People will be blown away
Cattle would starve for fear of roaming
With the winds

Stones and rocks will fly
Until the mountain is
Erased of its monument

Life will beg for mercy
A little still
A little quiet

Another Journey Upwards

Silently recruited, they vaporously climbed the higher skies

Coldly companionable, they traveled unknown miles…

Condensed within, fluffy light on the outside

They discarded form after form, holding what was beheld from beneath

When there was enough of them, brought together by mysterious propulsion,

They darkened to black depths that promised delivery.


They had reached their zenith, they need wait no longer

Cold and shuddering together, they made flashes of brilliant light

And sounds of a deafening thunder

While their shadow spread their ground, they began their assault

One by one, before the exodus downwards began.


Begun now, they flowed in single files of parallel verticals

And ran the ground in horizontals, merging to form rivulets

Merging to form rivers

Merging to form seas

Merging towards another journey upwards.