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Time to wake up

I stood dripping 

water, energy and

A strong silence


The world had grown

Silent too- the silence of

A bated breath


Looking around I saw

Nothing; no one

But just the elements

Watching me close


In this capsule

I felt every breath

Of wind; every little

Movement of earth


I stood there

Under the star-less sky

Watching it

Fill up


One star at a time;

One moment at a time

Till the sky was light again

Though it wasn’t time

To wake up

Move on

The Sun let its rays go

The Sea left its surf behind

The Wind moved beyond all that it moved

The Earth forgot all that it held

And the Fire erased the entire story


The Universe was built

On the loss of all that was loved

And the apocalypse will begin

When the Universe forgets

Such pain and

Decides to move on.