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A face that’s long and lean
And speckled with
A fresh stubble

Eyes and cheeks gaunt
Like the craters on a
Lonely planet

The long torso, bottomed
By an endless length
Of muscle drawn taut

The inscrutably deep mind
With words that were
Never said

Allow me the lowering
Of those blinkers
And let me be seen

I’d like to come closer
And know for sure
You are no illusion

Alone in the past

It’s like going back in time

To the places you’ve been before

But this time they are bereft of people

Empty of action

Silent in words

And there I see the ghosts of our past

Walking down the cobbled alleys

I see them smiling, fighting, eating, drinking

Just walking….walking

It’s a yellow town

And a white lie

It’s a rocky coast

And a sea with salt from my eyes

It was the shortest of lives

And the deepest of all



To this place I will return

Without choice or effort

It’s here that I saw beyond myself

And fell into the abyss that you seem now


I might have clambered up the slippery walls

Into what the world believes is real. Practical.


My soul wanders the yellow town

Alone in the past.


While the world assumes its focal point to be someplace,

The real events unfurl elsewhere

In the peripheries of eyes, just round the corners

Pitched battles over pitchfork issues

Come to a close when the Sun’s gone behind the lantana bushes

To scorch ground and sinews on the otherside of an ending.


We think it’s over, when it hasn’t even begun;

We think we are dead, when we haven’t even been concieved;

We fear we are losing, when they haven’t even begun taunting;

We decide we are the ones moving, when the Earth turns one last time.


Insulted, my memories left my mind
Hurt, they left like heads of men
Hung in shame…like the silence
Of distant evenings
Their only revenge being my ignorance
And solitude…
I search with conviction for moments
I believe unforgettable;
I write down words in paranoidal faith
I remember, while not knowing, what
My mind chose to betray me.


Sifting through the silk screens

Her arms flailing to clear a path.

The unknown lie ahead

Like an oasis. A mirage.

Deluded as life itself.

She can hardly wait to meet them

She must beg Time to move faster

To let her pass.

To find closure.

To let her die,

Before Time.